Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mr. G.

When I am queen, all teachers will be like Mr. G, my kids' 5th grade teacher:

Dear Mr. G:

Where do I begin?  B and I feel incredibly fortunate that we happened upon Sutro, this hidden treasure of SFUSD, and more importantly, that our kids found you.

As an educator myself, I have unreasonably high standards and expectations for my kids' education experience.  They are so curious and naturally love learning, and I didn't want to see that squashed.  To say that you are an excellent and inspiring teacher, is only the beginning.  You provided a warm, open, and inviting environment for learning from the very first day.  You ensured safety and respect in both your interactions with I and B, and their peers with them, and each other.  Your projects and assignments were thoughtful and engaging, and the service learning opportunities along with the wide variety of field trips brought their education out into this beautiful and rich city of ours.

If someone had asked me to describe an ideal teacher and classroom - I would describe you and your room, and your teachings.

I and B looked forward to school every.  single.  day.  and they have expressed their sadness at this time coming to an end. 

Thank you Mr. G!!  You are the kind of teacher every child hopes to have.

With much thanks and great appreciation,
Megan and B.

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