Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My adventures lately have been less of what I typically considered exploration, and instead have become something unexpected.  The initial purpose of creating this blog was to capture our adventures in France; it has now come to chronicle, sometimes sparingly, my life. 

Looking back now at those earlier 2005 posts, they seem so far away, yet I remember the moments clearly and can't deny the important impression that experience left on me.  What was it about that time that makes me want to return someday?:  A complete transformation of my daily life in a new-to-me culture; learning to communicate and function using an entirely different language; focusing and participating in each moment and experience presently, with awe and admiration for its being what it is and nothing more. 

If I think about my life, these three things are present in most experiences, until they're not anymore.  At which point, I change it up.  I don't think I'm seeking intense sensations all the time, but there is something in noticing that I'm motivated by and seek out these things in my life.

I grew and learned a lot in the last three years, and not just related to the mechanics of my job.  One aspect of this, was changing from a person who disliked conflict, and avoided it mostly, to someone who seeks it out to try new ways of being in it.  I am now looking for ways to expand into my personal life, to learn more about the workings of mediation, facilitation, and conflict, so I can help make things better.  

A year.  Today.  Now.

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