Thursday, March 03, 2011

Things could always be worse

It's gloomy out this morning.  I've got a semi-full plate today and hope that I can accomplish some of what I need to do.  I've been bringing a bag of stuff home everyday this week, thinking I'm going to get a magical burst of energy and get it all done at home.  Delusional.

I've been home late every day this week so far.  Monday was a 4-hour PTA Executive Board meeting, where the principal graciously entertained all our questions and addressed our worries.  Tuesday, I went to a great, free movie with an old friend.  Last night I attended a "Women in Leadership" seminar, where there was a panel of women Principals, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents who talked about how they got to where they were, and how they balance personal and professional in their lives (psst...the answer is they don't).

Tonight I get to come home right after work, and look into the faces of my very cute kids for an extended period of time.  Thankful.

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