Thursday, February 10, 2011

14 in School Years

When working in education, time gets measured in school years from July to June, not from January to December.  I consider January the middle of the year, and August as the renewal point.  This is also convenient, because my birthday is in September, so there's all kinds of new and rebirth happening.  Fall is also my favorite season.

It's coming up to March, which for an administrator is crunch time.  Spending stops, planning for next (school) year is beginning, people are laid off, evaluations (both good and bad) are due.  It's reckoning time.  Last year, my first year as an administrator, March was absolutely the worst month of my entire year - in like a lion, out like a lion.  I wrote on my calendar at the beginning of the year over March, "Brace Yourself."  It's coming.

The funny thing about my job, is that I deal with conflict and difficult people all day long.  I am constantly repairing and bridging, preventing and being proactive.  I talk a lot, and I listen more.  I solve problems and negotiate.  I like my work.  When I started out I knew I had an aversion to conflict, and I mostly ignored or avoided it in my life.  Now, it's there - in my face, everyday, and surprise! it's getting easier to deal with it, day by day.  I no longer fear it, and I want to get better and more effective at working with it.

I'm not sure why I wrote this post this morning.  I must be expecting something.

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