Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yummy link-a-licious

Last night I met up with a woman from pastry school, and her young and talented friends.  She suggested Limon Rotisserie, which was fabulous.  I don't get into town much, and if I did I wouldn't know where to go.  She suggested Tablehopper for suggestions.  I totally trust her judgment, so I prefer to go straight to the source.  Tonight, I'm on my own again, so it's Outerlands for me.  My attendance there is getting ridiculous.

Update:  Post-dinner bliss.  Warm apple, lemon ginger cider.  Salad with blue cheese, pears and pecans.  Braised pork with kale and red pepper relish over grits.  Carrot cake with pecans, caramel.

I took my Saveur.  It's a foggy night but not cold.   It was way busy, so I sat outside.  After dinner I walked the block back to the house.  Moon up, sounds of Saturday night beaming through open windows.

Do you see how I am blessed people?  Do you see?

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