Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time out

This week, I get an extended period of time alone.  Bryan's taking the kids to his parents' house and I'm staying here.  I'll occupy my time by meeting up with friends, working on the school, working, and eventually flying down to LA for a conference.

The first thing I usually do when the kids are away visiting is clean the house.  I get to enjoy its neatness and cleanliness for an extended period of time.  When the kids are around the messy doesn't bother me - it comes with the territory, and a neat house isn't super-high on the priority list for me.  Then I'll probably continue on like I usually do with life:  Getting up early, sitting and having coffee reading a book, a little online perusal, a whole lotta GTD, home, eat, decompress, sleep, do it again.

I like a simple life; I do.

Bryan helps me with the "I can't make coffee when you're gone" problem.

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