Friday, November 05, 2010


It's been months since I baked something at home...the one day off a week contributes to that.  I owe cookies to some folks at work.  At least I know that every Sunday I'll have the chance to keep my skills up.  I make the same things most weeks, but it's a wide variety: Doughs, pies, cakes, fillings, etc.  It keeps me confident.

Being at the bakery is the creation of body memories.  Flowing from one task to the next, a certain stance at the scale.  The timer call out.  Squishing poolish through my fingers.

I think about how much fun it will be to teach students how to bake.  All of the small, specific steps, the growth curve, the frustration and how they can learn to push through that into proficiency, and eventually mastery.  I want them to have this opportunity, to experience this gift of baking.

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