Friday, October 01, 2010


I think I made a big fool of myself in front of a very important, and cool, person on Thursday. I was trying to express, not well, my feelings about why charter schools exist, and why there seems to be such a push to make them happen.  This was following a brief discussion on that new movie "Waiting for Superman," which I think I'm going to like.

Anyway, once I had finished my little passion-fueled screed, I looked around the table at silence.  I later told my mom that people were looking at me as if I had just suggested that we kill, and then eat, babies.

I can't beat myself up too much about it.  One of my life's goals is to be able to express myself verbally and off the cuff, which I admittedly suck at.  I'm one of those presenters that needs a power point to detract from my nervousness.  I have a lot to say, I'd just like to say it to one person at a time.

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