Monday, August 16, 2010

This is a good place for that - Updated

This morning I dropped the kids off at their new school.  Yes. I know.  I'm all kinds of anxious and thankfully didn't have to work today, so I've spent the morning being distracted by pretty things on the internet, like this and this, and this.  Oh.  And this.


1.  Someone will be mean to my kids, and my kids will feel sad inside, way down deep, where you don't even know what it means because it's so confusing and why would someone make me feel bad and why can't I be included, and I just want to hang out and play, so what's the problem?  That kind of hurt.

A long time ago, way, way before I had kids, I saw a young man on the bus being subtly ridiculed by some peers.  The look on that kid's face crushed me; it was of broken trust and exclusion, and I cried quietly into the window about it.  As a young kid I was never treated this way, but for some reason I'm hyper-aware of it for both my students and my own kids.  Interesting.  Time to visit the psychologist, is what I say.

2.  I think #1 really eclipses all the other fears.

I'm going to pick them up in 10 minutes and I really want so badly for them to talk to us about it, whether it was good or bad.

Update:  Went well.  They're happy, and so I'm happy too.

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