Monday, July 26, 2010

Rebonjour - voyage en voiture, part un

Hello again.  I'm not making any promises.

I'm on vacation.

We just returned from an outstanding road trip to Portland, Oregon.  We started out by driving up 101, stopping at the Trees of Mystery, where a GIANT Paul Bunyon listened to the passers-by on a super-sensitive microphone, and answered children's questions loudly to all those in the parking lot.  We got ice cream, and I got to see which of the kids has my sugar gene (Ike), and Bryan's fruit gene (Bea).  I laugh, but it's probably a blessing for both of them.  We drove a few more hours and stopped in at Prehistoric Gardens to check out the dino sculptures in the forest - beautiful surroundings, creepy dinos.  Interesting, because fifteen or so years ago, Bryan and I took our first road trip together to Seattle, and we stopped at both of these spots on our way.  I don't think either of us back then (when we were young and sexy and carefree) thought that we would be stopping by again at a later date with our children in tow. 


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