Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well hello there.

I'm approaching my very last day of this school year, and I have survived.  I have learned a ton about myself, about others, and about how those two things can exist and grow and change.  I'm looking forward to the potential situation that a new work partner will bring, and all that we will be able to create together.  I'm hopeful and positive, which I think is why I've been able to make it through the year.

There are big, big, plans (as always) and timelines to make those plans happen.

This summer I'm wanting to walk North to Portland, visit Francophone Canada, France or Switzerland, or Seattle.  I need to change my environment, even if only for a short time, or I'll start to feel stuck, and do something drastic.  Even though I like change, I never feel like I'm running from something, always to a different set of circumstances, with the same me, the same challenges.  I like to see how things translate to new settings.

I'm happy.


K.M. said...

There's always a guest room in Portland with your name on it.

Megan said...

K. You're the coolest.

Gette said...

I admire what you are doing – good luck!