Sunday, February 28, 2010

What did I do today?

I woke up, drank some coffee, read a bit of the NYT, ordered some tickets to see Dan Zane with the kiddos, drove to work while listening to Weekend Edition on NPR.

I assembled tartlettes:
Blood Orange, Lemon, Banana Cream, Apple Struesel, Chocolate

I frosted/decorated cakes:
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and non-pareil, red velvet cupcakes, a carrot cake, mini-chocolate bundt cakes

I baked: 
Four Dutch Apple Pies

I prepared:
Doughs for baguettes, cinnamon rolls, hot cross buns, danish, scones

I ordered dairy and prepped for the next day's baker.

During all this, I drank unlimited amounts of espresso, and sampled various baked goods.  I helped people purchase drinks and pastries, chatted amiably with co-workers and my employer.  I ate a sandwich from Canyon.  My two work worlds collided briefly - that was AWESOME, strange.  I listened to Leonard Cohen. 

I came home to a house full of love and tired folk.  I showered, ate, read books, typed.

I will watch some expensive TV, read and go to sleep.

What did you do today???


KathyO said...

Tartletts yummy... sounds like a super busy day I sure hope the expresso was warm.

MOLLYC said...

I assume you can do all of this without becoming morbidly obese. I could not. I ate 8 cakeballs at a birthday party that I attended this past weekend, and tonight I had a piece of chocolate cake in a restaurant. I am a lifetime member of weight watchers and an exercise addict, in order to be able to fit inside my pants. Love your blog, by the way. Found you on Blogher. molly