Monday, January 25, 2010

I take long drives through the forest

Today was a La Honda day. Although I tried very hard not to be present, ('cause that's what I do) I was for the most part, and even in really uncomfortable circumstances. Being fully there would have made things easier as I would have been able to access stuff I was thinking/feeling more easily, but do was made.

On the way out there, I was listening to Talk of the Nation interview Bill Gates about his foundation and how he supports education (along with a mighty list of other things in the world). I did some brainstorming about the school, good ideas which will support it coming into view hopefully sooner rather than later.

Still later, I had more discussion time with a different set of folks. I stuck to my principles, keeping my eye out for the kids, which I can feel good about. The funny thing is that I think the other folks felt justified sticking to their guns too, but I'm surmising for a different set of reasons. I often think, "What would PP do?" and I do that.

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