Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well the first (now deleted) paragraph of this post was a bunch of whining and complaining about being sick and not being able to do any of the 3242343252387437439 things that need doing before Thursday. So there, it's been condensed into one boring sentence.

Was fortunate enough to do most of my shopping online this year via Amazon, and have just a few more things to get for a few more folks. Stocking stuffers, baking, cards to address. Fun. I didn't get to do any of the oil-related cooking I was going to over the Chanukah portion of Festival of Zorton this year, but there's always next season, when the Festival starts December 1. That's 30 days of festival! This year we added a theme song, which we play throughout.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go in to work for two hours, and then back home so as to not overdo it.

Fun-filled posts are on the horizon.


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