Friday, December 18, 2009

Late Autumn Update

Sickness - Sinus infection to flu. Two days in the house with zero energy. Not wanting to infect the kids or Bryan.

Festival of Zorton - Off to a good start this year, we made a calendar of events which include the Big D, making a Gingerbread house from scratch, other baking fun, and travel.

j.o.b. - I've got a job; it's challenging, not something one likes or dislikes. It's an interesting social experiment I'm getting myself on top of. Prajna.

Children - lovely 6. If I could freeze time, I'd freeze it at this age. 6 is awesome. They're still so cute. Isaac's into chess these days, Beatrice, gymnastics or as she calls it, "gymastics." Teeth are being lost all over the place around here. Toothfairy gives a shiny gold dollar for front teeth and a quarter for the rest. Bea recently wrote a letter to the toothfairy, "Dear Toothfairy, How tall are you? Write me back a letter." And she did!

Baking - only on Sundays and for Daring Bakers.

Schooling - Done. Officially official. PhD on the back burner as I conquer the current tasks at hand.


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