Thursday, November 05, 2009


I'm in love with Lost. I think I like it more than I liked Six Feet Under (which I LOVED), and I definitely like it better than Dexter, the one we got into last year.

My brother-in-law is pleased that we're so pleased with Lost, and I will talk anyone's ear off about the show who will engage with me around it. Early 2010 is its last season, so we've been watching approximately one episode per night, for the last three months and are just starting onto season 4. Five's not out on dvd for rental yet, so I may actually break down and buy it if it's not out by the end of December. Goal is to catch up so we can watch season six in real time.

Netflix is a dream for folks who want to catch up and/or start watching after the fact. What should we start on next?


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