Sunday, November 08, 2009


I missed two days already, and it was not intentional. Progress, not perfection, am I right?

So a recap: Friday my mom (thanks mom) picked up the kids after school, and Bryan and I went out to dinner with old, old family friends to the cozy, tasty resto down the street. M & C, Bryan and I had great warm soups and wintry fare, along with outstanding desserts. C and I had the apple pie a la mode, which, sorry Bryan and M, blew that almond chocolate torte out of the water. Earlier in the meal, whilst biting into a crunchy piece of toast, I broke, and then proceeded to consume, a good 1/4 of one of my wisdom teeth. Yuck and ouch. It turns out that I broke off part, and then broke the rest of it in half. Chewing? Not so fun.

The next day when we went to pick up the kids, I made a call to the family dentist (the only dentist I've ever been to in my entire life) who had me come in to have the loose half of the tooth removed. I have half of a root-canal-ed wisdom tooth left in there. Joy. The tooooooooooth.

Later that day...Birthday party, A, burritos, Nemo, popcorn, Lost, sleep.
Today: Baking, dinner, some work, now this. G'night.

Oh, and how about that Healthcare Reform Bill? Yippee!


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