Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Let's talk about books...

I just finished listening to that book I was talking about yesterday, "Getting Unstuck," and this morning I bought and downloaded "The Tipping Point," which many people have recommended, but I haven't had time to read. So now I listen to it in the car. Car=iPhone=books. It really helps me to focus, because my mind will tend to wander, but if it wanders I miss out on something and I'm not about to try to rewind with those tiny little buttons and whatnot while driving. Someone else gave me "The Red Tent," (haven't cracked it) and I'm sorry to admit, I didn't ever finish reading "Outliers," while the family was gone.

There are so many things I want to read - books I own, and have neatly stacked by the bed or on shelves. Why am I not reading them? I used to read in bed. I'd wake up, head slumped, three pages later, and unfortunately, I think I trained myself to sleep with reading. This doesn't bode well for afternoon or morning escapes into literature.

For now it's books on tape. It doesn't feel like reading, more like cheating, but if I want to know what's in the book, this is how it has to be for a while.


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