Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Getting Responsible

Finally Bryan and I are wising up about our earnings. We've developed a pleasant budget, which allows us to save a little, whilst paying off the debt we incurred when I wasn't working two years ago. We've made a chart and a spreadsheet, calculated and averaged and planned. We've learned the lesson of living beyond our means, and we're trekking on the straight and narrow. That being said, we'd like to purchase a car, since I'm driving around the truck and come winter I'm not going to feel too safe driving out to La Honda on a winding, wet, road. We're thinking seriously about a Toyota Matrix; it's good on a lot of levels. My dream is to have some old Mercedes E class, and run it on biofuel like the daughter of my parents' friends does. For now, we'll be sensible and see if we can get it together to have a new-to-us car before the storms hit.


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