Saturday, April 04, 2009

Free time

I have Saturdays off this month and next, and Bryan's got the kids so it's wide open for me. For starters, I slept until 9, which I think I did the last time we did this. Yesterday I worked, did laundry, had a brief visit with the fabulous and talented JG, and then I watched hours of random TV until I was bored.

Today I will bake the kids' cakes, wrap them well and freeze them. Last year I was still in school on Saturdays so Whole Foods baked their cakes, but this year I feel confident enough to take it on. I asked them what they wanted and, ummm, kids - we'll see what happens: Bea - Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting with a big smiley sun, a sunset, a rainbow, hearts and stars. Isaac - A chocolate cake with orange frosting with two monster trucks racing, #82 crossing the finish line before #43.

So today it looks like breakfast, Costco for ingredients and then to either Cook's Boulevard or Michael's for tools. Later I'm off to my sister's new house (Hi M!) to help her unpack some more.

Also: I think it's funny how I sleep on one side, even though the whole bed is available space.

And: Anxiously awaiting the USPS for pink slip rescinding notice and charter school notification.


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