Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I baked a couple of things in the new house. MS's Brownies (the best ever won't ever look for a better recipe), horrifying pecan, caramel, bars, and today white chocolate, gingerbread blondies. Don't know what those are about yet, they're currently cooling.

Still loving our home. What I like best today is that we don't ever have to shut the blinds. No one can see in and we are up above the street. Lots of light, blooming trees, waves. I feel good and it's nothing to do with the Trouble coffee I had an hour ago.

Got a pink slip. There's a 20% chance I won't be hired back next year, which means I get to do more job searching. Used to it, pulling out the old resumes, but this year I can actually apply for admin positions with a chance of being be hired. Willing to take difficult, awful postions for the experience.

Here are some quiche I made yesterday:


Update: White chocolate, gingerbread blondies...yes, please!


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