Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Again

Here are some photos of the new house.

Shiny, shiny. Shiny floors of parquet.

Stairs down to the garage/laundry/neighbors. We tall folk need to watch our heads.

Kitchen. Not a whole lot more counter space, but a whole bunch more cabinets. Baking bench will become an island, but NO CHOPPING on the block.

The workroom with a view of the ocean. These blinds will never be lowered.

Windows in our bedroom, with the same killer view.

Our bedroom

The eating area. We're keeping the expandable table, but losing the chairs. Too nice for us; they'll be ruined within days.

Alternate view of the dining area.

Right side of the living room...

Left side...

This is the front door. Kids' room is to the left of here, for some reason did not take a picture of it. Duh.

Please come visit!


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