Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I joined Daring Bakers yesterday. It's a group of people who enjoy baking who participate in a monthly challenge and then post a photo and description of their experience making the item. It's all kind of hush-hush until the reveal, but afterwards you can bop around the internet finding all kinds of fun pictures of outcomes. Last month it was French yule logs, which are different from the kind in the U.S. Looking at the pictures they look similar to the one we had in St. Pée. I always wondered how they made them that way - how they knew where to put the cherries in the center, so the one on the top of the cake would be directly underneath the one in the middle.

I made cupcakes yesterday and after checking them, the owner said I chose the right profession. Wow. Also made some lemon curd, mazarin tarts, and three quiches.

Three more days of single-hood. Haven't accomplished much. Mostly relaxing and being lazy. Replaying the kids' phone messages: Hi Mama! I love you Mama! I lost a tooth Mama!


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