Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I got a lot done at work, which is surprising considering it was the holiday party day. Someone made some tasty almond, cranberry bar things which were totally FTW. I asked for the recipe but it has to go through two channels before it gets to me.

Over the break I need to cut out some time to suss out some charter school stuff, mainly a timeline and some writing to share with the co-founders. They're both out of town, ones in S.E. Asia for the break, but it will be good for me to put my thoughts out on paper before meeting with them again for more planning.

Ike, Bea and me planned for holiday cookie-making; all sorts were chosen by the kids. If you're related to me, expect the following: Homemade Oreos; Stained-glass Trees; Chocolate Gingerbread; Cream Cheese Lemon Bows; Black and White Cookies; Gingerbread Snowflakes; Chocolate and Sugar Cookie Cutouts. There will also be some homemade peanut brittle for a certain lovely woman.

I also hope to get to at least a couple of the cake/tart/torte-like items that I've ripped out of food magazines for the last six months. So many delicious things. I always have to make them twice. The first one is always a wash. I wish you lived closer, then I could share.


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