Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mathematical Trinomial Cube

Today at school Isaac got to work with the Mathematical Trinomial Cube. He is so stoked. It was all he could talk about today. Everytime there was a moment of silence, he would break that silence with a statement about the cube and how he got to do it. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside seeing how happy and proud he was.

I've got the flu. I left work early yesterday, and although I'd like to have been able to call in gay today, I actually called in sick.

I got worried about the kids getting sick, so Bryan took them to get flu shots; Isaac was excited but Bea was mortified. I had to talk her into it, and after a lot of hugging she agreed to go. Later I took them out for frozen yogurt down the way.

Also visited the Catholic School this morning. Good vibe, not so innovative academics. It's a definite possibility. While I was in the city, I dropped off my Kitchen Aid mixer for repair. When I handed it to the guy we had this exchange:

Me: I broke my mixer
Guy: Where does it hurt?
Me (with hand over heart): Right here.


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