Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I sleep well these days

Went and looked at a couple of places last night. One was quite cool. Big, super high ceilings, out in the Sunset and the same price we're paying here. Things it's lacking: storage, yard, loud train running through the yard 50x a day. The second was just creepy and dark with no window in the kitchen. How is that managed?

Busy day at work, preparing for the holiday. Scooped cookies, rolled pie dough, made vanilla spritz cookies and sweet potato pie filling, along with the usual suspects. The espresso maker was out of commission yesterday, which made round about 2:00 kind of tough. I get tired 2:00 to 4:00 ordinarily, everyday. If I'm home I take a nap; if I'm at work I have a double espresso. Yesterday I had two cups of tea, sweetened with agave nectar (nice trick). For some reason I crash out early - last night it was before 10:00.

Made a plan for cookie creation, but forgot to factor in the remaining gifts that need buying. Thankfully the bookstore is probably open until 11:00 or something odd like that, so I'm good. Lots of cookies to make and a bûche de noël. I must have fallen asleep while planning out the production, because I woke up with my socks on, and I hate wearing socks to bed.


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