Friday, November 21, 2008

un jour comme un autre

I was kind of directed to a principal job today. Kind of.

I'm exhausted, but aren't we all? I'm happy that I have the day off on Saturdays because Fridays are hard core.

I skipped lunch today because I'm broke and was up far too early to think about lunch. I could barely think about breakfast. When I got home I ate enough dinner to make up for lunch. I shouldn't skip meals, but it was unavoidable.

Now I'm home, we've just put the kids down for bed, there's dishes from dinner on the counter, which will spend the night there, and I'm about 15 minutes from Food TV and a snooze. No Dexter tonight.

Tomorrow I make a little brunch for some friends. I miss friends. Everyone I interact with is a colleague these days.


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