Thursday, November 06, 2008


Today I'm meeting with two of my classmates to discuss the possibility of our working together to open the school I've been planning. I've known all along I couldn't do it myself, and that I would need to find some like-minded individuals to get it going.

One of the people is a former chef with a special education credential, and whose spouse works with group homes. The other is a math specialist with a business background. These two are already friends/workmates. I immediately gravitated towards them on the first day of class, and they have certainly made my Thursday nights more interesting. I hadn't said anything about my plans to anyone, but one evening one of these two asked me what I was going to do with my credential, and after I told her, her jaw dropped and she said, "I want to work with you."

So we'll see how it goes today. I think all of our strengths pulled together could make for an awesome team. I'm in no rush, and I foresee the whole process taking the next year and a half or so to accomplish. We'll see what happens.

More to come.


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