Monday, November 03, 2008

Rainy day - 12 hours

Today was a day of little delights and surprises. Things were off a bit, but it all turned out lovely in the end:

The doors on my BART car were broken this morning, so I didn't get to read a short story like I do most mornings. Instead, because I had to stand in an overly-crowded car, I realized that I am taller than most people.

Because I have a tendency toward insomnia in times of uncertainty, I got little sleep. Today I talked with one of my baker-mentors who told me she does the same things in her head as me when she can't sleep. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

How to make sublime cinnamon rolls:

1. Make the dough
2. Roll it out in all its stretchiness. It springs back? Roll it some more.
3. Put it on a pan and place in the fridge to stiffen.
4. Bring it out and smother it in melted butter.
5. Sprinkle and smear sugar and cinnamon on it.
6. Roll it up tight and even it out.
7. Slice it. Bake it. Eat it. Share it.

You can get a free ride to and from SFSU on the BART shuttle. I love BART. I love colleges.

Two years of course work and one year of dissertation in a small, small, focused program = Dr. Price. I am seriously considering the commitment.

Quinoa and pine nuts, chicken with a spicy red sauce and perfectly steamed vegetables. Thanks Bryan!

Warm sleepy hugs and kisses from the kiddos.


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