Thursday, November 13, 2008

No one wants to know what you had for dinner

I love the freezer. It's ideal for storing things that I don't eat right away, but want to be able to eat at a moment's notice. My hippy dippy sprouted grain bread's in there, just waiting to become toast. We preslice the kids' whole wheat baby bagels and toss them in the freezer for safe keeping. We were going through a bag a week before, and 75% of them were moldy and inedible. I've got a humongous bag of chocolate chips that will soon become cookies. And my new favorite, whole wheat pita.

Instant Delicious Pizza: Take a whole wheat pita, spread on some jarred pesto, top with a couple of spoonfuls of herbed goat cheese and some strips of string cheese. Throw it in an oven at 425º for 10 minutes (preferably a convection oven) et Voila! Pizza.

When I was growing up my parents would put bread in the freezer all the time and I thought they were nuts, and as a teenager I would be all kinds of irritated about stuff like cold bread. Each day I become more aware of how much like my parents I am...

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