Friday, November 14, 2008


So tonight I'm tired and I've got very little to report except I think it's very strange that at my job in SLO, there was a blonde English teacher who surfed and who was a bit on the edge and at my new job, there is also a blonde English teacher who surfs and is a bit on the edge. G, the guy in SLO would always talk to me about surfing because Bryan surfed, and G knew I could understand what he was talking about. It turns out I am again the only staff member in the school that knows anything about surfing, so this English teacher, C, informed me that he would be talking to me about surfing, since I had a connection to it. I think this is fine, because it's nice to have something to chat with folks about. Bryan thinks this is all very funny since I could really care less about surfing.

I love in particular.


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