Thursday, November 20, 2008

A day like any other day

Today I volunteered in the kids' class and actually was responsible for taking them to and from the library. Hmm.

This afternoon Ike and I didn't go to his PT because she's pregnant and was just put on bedrest. She's an awesome Hungarian woman, who is veeeeeeeeeeery patient as well as effective. Isaac wasn't too put out by the fact we weren't going. It's hard for him; she pushes him and he works hard when he's there. I hope we can find a replacement, but it's going to be difficult since there's not any available PTs and there's a hiring freeze at the county level. Foo on you county.

So I quickly whipped up some delicious lemon-infused sugar cookies, after taking a huge lemon from the neighbor's tree (they've given their permission). The cookies were quite awesome and I took them to share at my admin class this evening. We presented our schedule, a project which was intense, but fun. I worked with a great group of people and I found myself laughing loudly and often during the construction of our project. I'm happy I'll be taking this class with this group for the duration. It makes for a cool situation and totally do-able program.

Tonight I'm still feeling a little like I'm coming down with a throat thing, but not sick or ick enough to not go to work tomorrow. So Friday it is - a split shift where I arise at 5, BART to the bakery, walk and BART and walk to the school, do a quick-change and let my hair down in the bathroom to be presentable to the staff, and work until 4:00. I love walking from the school to BART after work on a Friday in the neighborhood: Music, people, delicious smells. Ahhhhh. The city.


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