Friday, September 05, 2008


I used to carry around a list of systems, one read, "Just pretend you're in the south of France," for me it would be the west, but I digress. As much as I want to be in France for eternity, I am supposed to be here right now. France and its customs and culture aren't going anywhere soon, so I don't need to rush. Any time we choose/are able to go back will be the right time, will be a good time, so I am content to be here, now, where I left my heart then came back to get it.

photo by sam.soneja via flickr


Rachel Petersen said...

i feel exactly the same way about france and, coincidentally, i have a similar system. it would be wonderful to be french neighbors! we should coordinate somehow.

Megan said...

If we could somehow do it together it would make life abroad so much easier. That was one of the hardest things, not being around our friends and family and not being able to communicate on a deeper level with people.

Let's think on that a bit, shall we? Oh we of telecommuting capabilities.