Friday, August 08, 2008

Backlog of photos and no orange

I couldn't get the orange I wanted to have happen so the color switch won't be happening. What will be happening is a series of extended photo captions from the backlog of phone photos I uploaded to flickr. Just some short stuff, to fill you in on the happy and stress-free parts of my life for a while.

Newness: I have a job interview on Thursday with a woman starting a new school. When we had our preliminary chat yesterday, every. single. word. and thought about education she uttered was my sentiment exactly. I only hope that my enthusiasm for her project will come out in our discussion next week. Also, my dream position has opened at the internship I do once a week in SF. I put in my bid for it, but I may be too late. We'll see what happens on both fronts, but wanted to let you know there was some hope happening.

Look below for a couple of the older photos...

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