Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I made perfect brioche the other day. Perfect. Nothing I make in class is ever perfect, so I consider it my first 'A.' That made me happy. I've made three Basque cakes and the most recent one was the closest yet, but still not quite. My teacher gave me some suggestions as to what I could do to bring it closer which I'll try tomorrow. Considering I was translating the recipe from French, the fact that I ended up with something that looked like a cake, is rather surprising.

Today I started taking an online class of how to use Wikis in education. It's free and I get to learn how to do something I've been wanting to know how to do for a long time. Once it's up, I'll link to it here, but right now it's just some homework so it's nothing really. Also, I got accepted into the SFSU Administrative Credential program, which I'll reserve comment on for now. (4 bleeping points.) It starts in the fall, probably right after my pastry program ends. It's one year and it's at the County Office here in SM so I won't have to go far...I guess I won with the convenience aspect. If the universe was going to give me something for not passing the test, it gave me a shorter commute.

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