Friday, June 06, 2008

Unplugged, mostly

I forgot that I had decided to unplug once a week a while back. I wonder what happened there....

Anyway. I'm off to visit K in Portland and I'm leaving my laptop here. Not taking it. My camera is full and I can't offload the pictures so it looks like me and crappy cameraphone will be having some fun this weekend. I'll be sending the pictures to Flickr (see not totally unplugged) and little twitters will appear on the sidebar, all of which gets done via my phone, so I can document my journey to the great NW.

I'll be thinking a lot about MS, as the NW is her favorite spot and right now she's having a rough go of it. We both have an affinity for the fog and damp.

When I come home on Sunday, my kids will be just hours away from hugging.

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