Friday, June 27, 2008


Peonies are the best flower. They start off so unassuming and bloom 20x their starting size. The ones I bought the other day turned bright pink and then faded to a nice cream color. They lasted almost two weeks. Lovely, lovely.

Tonight I made some ginger cookies. I tried to locate some candied ginger to put in them, but the local Safeway didn't have any. I think they sell it at Peet's so I'll get some when I'm there next and try it again. Anyway, they came out perfect. Just the right amount of crispy and chewy. They're coming your way tomorrow P's of Oaktown...

I scooped them, rolled them into a ball and into some sugar. Instead of using my hand to smash them flat, I covered them with a sheet of parchment and used another 1/2 sheet pan to squoosh them down (another secret from my baking class). Perfectly rounded and tasty.

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