Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TWA Travel Booklets

Yesterday was Memorial Day and although there's a focus on remembering soldiers, I like to think of it as a day to remember all those we love who aren't here any more. I was explaining Memorial Day to Bea as we were driving past the huge cemetery that runs (and runs) along 280. She told me she missed Kinko, her Grandma's cat. I asked her why and she explained sweetly that he was fluffy and she likes kitties. I told her the people I missed, and when I mentioned my friend, Ed she asked me why I missed him. Although I was tempted to say, "because he was fluffy," I told her that he was kind and friendly person, giving and funny and that I knew a lot of people missed him, for a lot of different reasons.

Ten minutes later, when we arrived and were walking to the random place we were looking for in Daly City (!), who do I see coming towards me but one of Ed's old clients. The one person whom I most associate with Ed and his work with disabled adults.

I smiled as I watched him walk past us.

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