Monday, May 19, 2008

40 kids

It looks like next year at my current school = 37 to 40 kids per class, a non-lecture class, not held in an auditorium, but in a classroom built to hold 30. What a joke. I had a nice realization yesterday though, that I don't HAVE to do that. I don't have to teach in that environment. I won't set myself up for failure or stress and I don't have to.

I've decided to do something I said I would never do, get an administrative credential. I also said I'd never be a principal, and that's not my immediate goal, but I won't say never because it will probably end up happening, but if/when it does, it will be on my terms or following my belief system anyway. I've looked for coordinator jobs similar to the one I held in SLO but I need this extra credential or my application won't even be looked at. I missed all the deadlines for the credentials, so I'm hoping to take the test, pass it and therefore avoid a year in school for something I should already have.

I'm totally into the stuff CES does and would love to lead that kind of charge, modeling myself after my principal hero, P.P.

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