Monday, April 28, 2008


Sunday was temple and another birthday party for the kids, with cake and running around. The mom had "won" the kids' teacher for a couple of hours in the school auction. I love their teacher.

Also a major room clean for the kids. It's been a while and there was 71743873407034 different things in each of their IKEA bins, so we sorted, and tossed and organized and rearranged and that ought to be good for about a week. It's bound to get silly in there.

Then we had to deal with the dead goldfish, which we decided we'd let Bea know and then see what she wanted to do about it. She was sad and cried and Isaac tried to cheer her up. We asked her if she wanted to bury it or if she wanted her dad to do it. We buried the fish in the yard and gave him a little popsicle stick marker that reads "Fin," which is appropriate because "fin" means "end" in French. She said she wanted a new fish so we did and when we asked her what she wanted to name it she said, "Fin."

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