Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick Breads

Last night at TM we focused on part two of quick breads. I made a banana bread (not as good as my mom's) and cinnamon rolls (not as good as my dad's). I was able to remake my White Lily Biscuits again and this time, success! I realized my problem last time was that I was only to add creme until they were moist enough to turn out and roll out, not the entire measured amount. Because I followed the directions this time, I didn't have to handle the dough as much which also kept them tender and flaky and buttery. Bryan loved them.

Today I'll take the banana bread to work to share with some co-workers I've started having lunch with. This weekend D, M, E and W come to visit so I'll be baking up a storm of treats for them as well. Delicious practice!

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