Sunday, April 27, 2008

Packaged up

Yesterday was an all-day baking day for me and a full-force kids day for Bryan.

My baking was uneventful, but I learned a lot about what to watch for/not do when making a couple of things: custard-apple tart (don't over-whip the custard, duh.), apple pie (make sure the apples are sturdy or it turns into crapplesauce), savory pastry (don't use salami).

Bryan on the other hand, went to a bang-up birthday party for T and E at the Oakland Zoo and then made a visit to the Ps over in Oakland. We are happy to have hooked up with great kids and parents. Good people we hope we can continue to hang with after the kids have been dispersed to their respective schools. The Ps have some grand news about selling their house and purchasing a new one in a neighborhood they love. And it's only 1.3 miles from Fenton's Creamery (I looked).

After the events of the day, we drove down to see Gma and Gpa, Uncle Dave, Aunt Mere and cousin Ally, where actual food was eaten by all the kids. Miracle! Success! Protein! and no crying when we left. That's a first. We love being so close to everyone.

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