Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fourteen plates of cookies

I should have brought a camera.

We nascent pastry chefs were assigned the task of baking cookies. There were seven recipes with two students per. I got shortbread, one of my favorites, but there were also brownies - butterscotch and regular, snickerdoodles, ginger cookies, chocolate champagne corks, othellos. After an hour or so of us learning to navigate the kitchens and negotiate with each other for space and materials, we plated our cookies and waited for the critique. She was gentle and we were highly inconsistent. We used the same recipes, ingredients and materials but variations like oven temp, length of creaming process and space in the oven, caused none of the pairs to turn out the same. I got good information on why something might turn out the way it does. I tasted tiny amounts of each of the cookies and made extensive notes on what was good, what was bitter and horrible, and what I might want to serve and how it should be prepared. I made mini-warnings to myself and vowed to improve upon my anemic shortbread.

And for fun, check out Tastespotting - good lord save us all.

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