Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have several requests in at my current high school for positions that would be desirable. I need to check in on one of them shortly, and there's a very good chance I won't have the option to get any of what I've asked for because I may not be offered a job. It's weird to be in this limbo, but I'm not stressed out. Something will work out.

Last night was "quick bread" night at the school. I made current scones, which were fabulous and Bryan's favorite thing that I've made so far - buttery, flaky, wow. Also pleased with some cranberry lemon scones that I pulled together. Not so pleased with some "White Lily" biscuits that ended up like hockey pucks, too thin, unevenly shaped rocks. Unpleasant. Just means I'll need to do them again.

KIds are sick again. Ikey's got another ear infection and Bea's picked up yet another croupy cough. Yikes! But...they have FISH! and a FISHTANK! and they're SO EXCITED! We picked up the tank this weekend, but had to wait two days to bring the fish in. Isaac named his fish "Little foot," after his favorite new dinosaur from a movie too scary for him to watch all the way through, and Bea named hers "Fin."

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