Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last day

Today's the last day of the language school training. It's been expensive since we're not getting paid and I have to buy my dinner at Whole Foods every night. Thank you 4 oz, $11.00 salad! I've come to really like the teacher supervisor and the other trainees; we're quite the multicultural group: 2 Colombians, 1 person each from China, Japan, and Belgium, Iraq, Argentian and Brazil, and two U.S.A nationals.

This position is super-flexible, I select which hours I want to work and if someone wants a lesson at that time, they call me. When my schedule changes in the summer, I just add more availability times and get more work. I can work at any school they have in the entire U.S. and I can be transferred to a school in any foreign country. They just happen to have one in Bordeaux.

I've come down with the sickness that my entire family, immediate and extended have been infected with, now, just as I start my spring break. I had big plans for today, but it looks like, coping and not coughing up a lung have replaced those planned activities.

Those of you who haven't seen me for a while will be happy to know that I've dropped thirty pounds and am feeling a bit like the pre-pregnancy me...That took no time at all, what are the kids now, five? I've been able to go shopping in my own closet and have donated a lot of my big clothes. Looking to put a bit more physical exercise into my life, but will need to wait until this blech is out of my system. It's funny for the longest time, in my mind I looked the same as I did when I was 27 but when I looked in the mirror something didn't match up. Now for the past two years in my mind I've been large and when I look in the mirror today, I look like I imagined I looked for the five years previous. Brains are strange.

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