Friday, February 01, 2008


I spend too much time online and that's about to change. Along with one bloggeress that I read daily, I've decided to unplug from all things digital one day a week and read other stuff, like an actual book. Additionally, I've deleted several of my daily blog reads and moved some to "weekly" status - folks that update on and off or bi-weekly, and will be easy to catch up with. I will still be reading some dailies, mostly people that post continuously throughout the day, although I've culled two huge time-suckers, Perez and D-Listed from my daily reads. They're gossip blogs, and I've been a big fan of gossip for a long time. I used to spend money on crappy magazines (People and Us Weekly to name a few) as an escape. After long hours of work, it was happily, mind-numbing to come home and settle down with some good ol' American tragedy that wasn't mine. I've decided that I need to chill out on the gossip, not that I won't ever read it again. Right now I have to say I'm really glad I'm not Britney Spears. Imagine having a psychological illness and everyone being witness to it. I just don't feel good knowing that kind of information about someone I don't know personally. Bless her heart.

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