Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Old News

Yesterday I applied for a job at the school I used to work at. It's a part time teaching position, but it is a great school and it would be EXCELLENT if I could work there. Teaching at that school would be different from my more previous work with students in that I would be teaching English more than I would be saving lives. Less emotional stress, I'm certain. When I checked out their site yesterday it just made the most perfect sense, and it wasn't due to too much coffee.

Yesterday morning I went to the local, gorgeous Jewish day school to have a look-see. I found myself standing in front of it a few days previous, so I called for a tour. It's wonderful, of course. Academically the teachers have a lot going on in the classrooms but it's orderly and fun. Hot lunches made by moms daily, kids get early exposure to computers (in 4th grade they each get a mac laptop which they use throughout their time there and when they graduate they take it with them), it's k-8, they put a ton of emphasis on the emotional and social growth of the kids, the library is to die for, no more than 18 kids in each class, basically it's an amazing school. I'm going to apply for it and for financial aid and see what happens. It can't hurt to try.

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