Thursday, February 28, 2008

More searching to come

My district got some baaaaaaaaad news yesterday. Folks are retiring from big positions and they're not refilling them, all temporary teachers and interns are going to be laid-off, schools are closing, they're contemplating unlimited class-size in the high-school and yesterday the principal announced he's been "reassigned." Time to get out. Thankfully I signed up for 12 month pay which means that I'll at least get a tiny paycheck for July and August, which is something while I look for work. I guess that will begin in May. I doubt I'm going to find a part-time teaching position, but I'll ask my house principal if she thinks I could get a couple of classes next year. I want to stay in the running for that culinary school, should it happen.

Now I need to be thinking about what it is I'd like to do, knowing that it's difficult to find something, that I like to have a school-year schedule (who wouldn't) and that I need to be thinking long-term.

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