Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello Hello!

I'm thinking that there's been a lot going on, but I can't really recall what exactly at the moment. Maybe it will come to me. Sorry for being m.i.a. GG.

I'm in the second week of work which has been going better than I expected. One thing that I love/hate about being a teacher is how great/awful I feel after a good/no-so-good lesson and its acceptance/shunning by the students. Bryan said I should just enjoy/feel crappy, think about it a bit and then move on. I think I just don't like being so emotionally tied into my job, but maybe that's unavoidable. The kids are cute, and most of them are giving me the benefit of the doubt, which is nice. There's supposed to be a ton of cuts to education next year, so I may not be able to work there part-time next year, but we'll see. I hooked up with the instructor who is going to be running the culinary academy at school, he's French, has a TON of professional experience, and gave my soon-approaching baking and pastry program in SF the thumbs up. He said it was equal to, if not better than, the $55K program, because the classes are smaller, and you get more individual attention. I told him of my interest in working in his academy, but it's still two years away. I'm to keep checking in with him and to come visit him once I start my pastry program. Last night I had a dream that my former employer PP was hiring for March. He offered me a job and I felt confident enough about my ability as teacher to give it a go again. That must be a good sign.

Oh yes, I remember. I had a crazy interview with the social justice school and I will sum that up by saying, "you're freaking kidding me, right?" I went in thinking, "this is the place for me, these are my people," and ended up having to defend myself as an alternative education teacher to the panel. I think their hearts are definitely in the right place, but...I will save the embarrassing details for verbal explanation next time I see you. Either way it was awesome, I was really into the interview and even though I know I did not get that job, the experience was a good one.

Bryan's parents came for the week to visit and we took a couple of daytrips, mostly in the car, as it was raining. We visited Half Moon Bay, which has changed from when I was there 10 or so years ago. The streets were mostly empty due to the weather, but there were lots of cute little shops and places to eat and drink coffee. Last I was there, it was empty. Bryan said that it all started to happen around the time we left to the central coast.

Also, I did not get into the program at Santa Cruz so I've been looking around with different eyes for another. I think it's going to be Berkeley. They've got a lot of professors whose focus is at-risk youth, so I'm starting the process over again, following some advice from a woman I met who is a professor there. I'm going to change my focus from sociology to education since the Berkeley program is inter-disciplinary, and this time I have eight months instead of four weeks to apply, so I should be in better shape. I'll need to re-take my GREs, which sounds about as appealing as stapling my hand to a table.


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