Friday, February 15, 2008

Dinner continued...

I decided to follow the adage, "Keep it simple," and ended up ditching the soup altogether, and the salmon from the salad. The meal ended up being this:

Salsa verde braised pork (from the February issue of Sunset, page 71).
• Salad, with organic lettuce, tomato, cucumber and marinated artichoke hearts
• White and wheat tortillas, sour cream, cilantro, black beans and rice
• Dessert: Black, rasp and blueberries with fresh whipped cream and shortbread cookies

The pork was surprisingly easy. You've got to love a recipe that lets you throw everything in one pot and then let it cook for three hours. It was surprisingly unsalty.

All the dishes are done, the friendly guests are on their way, and Bryan and I each sit our respective computers, listening to a train honking to get someone/thing out of the way.

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